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Rules and regulations



The Website is a web page on the domain administered by the Service Provider.


The Supplier shall be any third party being the Service Provider’s Partner, in particular a financial entity for the benefit of which product offer and advertising content are presented on the Website. The Supplier shall be an actual party to any and all agreements, negotiations and actual and legal activities taken with regard to the User.


The User is an entity for the benefit of which electronically supplied services are rendered in accordance with the Rules and Regulations and provisions of law.

Personal Data

User’s data obtained from sources indicated in the Rules and Regulations and the Privacy Policy are the User’s personal data.


Target device of the User. The User uses the Device in order to access the Website.


General Provisions

  1. The Website, which may be defined as an engine for comparing financial products and benefits as well as a bank and ATM localising engine, particularly relates to financial products offered by banks. At the same time, the Website reserves that the data posted may also concern other entities which are not Banks or financial institutions.
  2. Please remember that all the content published on the Website is only a demonstrative representation of actual data. The data do not constitute a commercial offer binding upon the Website and the User. The displayed data are to present the offer of Banks and other entities and as such may prove helpful in making a financial decision by the User. Pure data do not constitute financial advice.
  3. The publications and content in the articles and advice section presented on the Website are of an informational nature only and constitute the private opinions of their authors. The nature of those materials combines the author’s beliefs and inspirations derived from press releases and interpretations of information published by administration and government agencies.
    1. The Website’s content is a subjective set of information, in particular, a set of offers of the Service Provider’s Partners, being a representative product group which the Service Provider decided to place on the Website. Particular offers may contain individual regulations, provisions and other legal information strictly related to a given product that are independent from the rules and regulations and provisions of the Service Provider and delivered along with the product specification by the Supplier.
  4. The Service Provider affirms that it is not a party to any acts at law between the User and the Supplier. Hence, the role of the Service Provider is restricted to rendering services consisting of providing access to the comparison engine and its peripherals. Therefore, the Service Provider is neither a sales representative nor an attorney of the Supplier, provided that the rules and regulations do not state otherwise.
  5. The Website reserves the right to place on the website software elements, content and graphic materials of advertising nature owned by third parties which generate profits payable to the Service Provider exclusively.


The Service Provider has copyright to the search engine and all its components. Protection covers the website and its components, including: trademarks, graphic designs, titles, descriptions, pictures, comments, drawings, composition and selection of website elements. Reproduction and publication of the components listed hereinabove without the Service Provider’s consent is prohibited and subject to protection by intellectual property rights.

User and Website

Who can use the Website?

  1. The Website stresses that the Website may be used only by majors, i.e. persons that have attained 15 years of age (the age may be different depending on legal regulations applicable in a given country). A person using the Website must have full capacity to perform acts at law.
  2. We would like to stress that persons below the age indicated in item 1 should not provide any personal information or personal data to the Website.
  3. The Website User must not provide any prohibited data that are illegal or offensive. Providing untrue data is also prohibited.
  4. For the Website compliance with letter of law is top priority; hence, the Users are obliged to abide by law and the rules and regulations. If the User does not agree to that, he or she should stop using the Website.
  5. The Website affirms that one of the conditions for using the Website is to read, understand and accept the rules and regulations and the cookies policy available free of charge to the general public at the following address The rules and regulations and the cookies policy of the Website are available for reading and may be stored by the User so that they can be used more easily.
    The Service Provider undertakes to address any doubts about the construction of provisions laid down in the rules and regulations and the privacy policy; for that purpose, the User has the right to contact the Service Provider. By using the Website, the User automatically accepts the rules and regulations and the cookies policy.
  6. Through the Website, third parties cooperating with the Website also offer non-obligatory forms of receiving marketing information.
    The User may but is not obliged to agree to receiving such information; the User has the right to express such consent at any time of his or her choice.
  7. The User may agree to receive from the Suppliers marketing and information materials, including newsletters containing various offers, in particular offers of financial products, and also offers not related to financial products.
  8. As regards technology, a newsletter may contain commercial and information materials in the form of graphics, text and multimedia.
  9. If the provisions hereof are violated, the Service Provider may contact the User through media channels available on the Website and with the use of the data provided to the Website by the User, to demand that provisions of the law and these rules and regulations (if violated) are obeyed.
  10. Please be advised that the Service Provider reserves the right to change the content of the website itself as well as amend the rules and regulations and the cookies policy at any time. The Service Provider reserves the right to discontinue the activities of the Website, permanently or temporarily, without prior notification, and the User agrees that he or she will put forward no claims against the Website and the Service Provider in connection to that fact. The Service Provider shall have exclusive right to amend the rules and regulations as well as the content of the Website and to discontinue its activity at any time.
  11. The Website may contain links which may be placed on the Website and controlled by third parties, i.e. the Service Provider’s partners.
  12. The Service Provider will make any effort to reduce risks to the minimum and to verify security related to the activity of those links; however, the Service Provider reserves that it bears no responsibility for any content to which the link redirects or any results of visiting the linked website, or any other target to which such a link redirects.

How can I obtain information from the Website?

Information about a given financial product may be obtained from the Website by making an initial enquiry related to the relevant product category. The enquiry is redirected through a form in one of several possible versions depending on the cooperating Partner. The form is available on the Website or possibly on a web page of one of the Website’s Partners as well as a mobile application if available.

By making an initial enquiry, the User accepts the Rules and Regulations and agrees to process his or her personal data, which may be used by the Supplier for the purposes listed below, following their transfer by the Service Provider to the Supplier or its partners, which is thereby accepted:

  • to conduct initial activities carried out prior to entering into a product contract and activities aiming at the conclusion of a product contract, including activities aiming at the investigation of the User’s credibility and financial condition.
  • for marketing purposes

The Service Provider shall bear no responsibility in the following cases:

  1. The Service Provider shall bear no responsibility for consequences and damage resulting from:
    1. prohibited use of the Website and the Service, in breach of applicable law, these rules and regulations and principles of public decency.
    2. reasons, technical reasons and Force Majeure beyond the Service Provider’s control.
    3. reasons caused by third-party software that is not a part of the Website, e.g. an operational system used by the User and malicious software e.g. computer viruses.
    4. reasons resulting from User’s security devices of any type such as anti-virus systems, browser security settings, firewalls, filters, anti-spam filters, etc.
  2. In some cases, it may be necessary to make a technical break or temporarily switch off or limit the Website’s functionalities.
    If possible, the Service Provider will try to inform the users of that fact in appropriate communications before and during such a break or limitation unless the break or limitation of functionalities is sudden and unexpected. The Service Provider shall bear no responsibility for any losses or damages resulting from the instability of or interruption in the Service.
  3. The User shall be responsible for hardware or software protection of his or her own target device, i.e. the User’s workstation or other mobile devices. The scope of such protection should cover any measures that prevent taking over control of the target device or illegal leaking of private information.
    Such measures include anti-virus protection, software updates, recommended security settings, private data confidentiality, private data protection, particular care during workstation exploitation and during work in the Internet environment. We advise you to exercise due care when making any online transactions, in particular such that involve data related to bank accounts and other crucial data concerning private accounts.
  4. Our Website does not collect from the Users their account numbers, credit card numbers or any data used to obtain direct access to secured private accounts except for the account registered on the Website, the range and interference of which is limited to the Website’s functionality stipulated in the rules and regulations.
  5. The Service Provider shall bear no responsibility for any act or omission and any irregularities in third-party activities, including the entities advertising on the Website which the User decided to contact, conclude an agreement with, use an offer of, use products or services of. The responsibility for the foregoing shall rest with those third parties, who shall be addressees of any claims in this respect.
  6. Any data related to financial products, including the data of the offers, their technical specification, parameters and descriptions shall be provided to the Service Provider by its Partners, which here means financial institutions cooperating with the Service Provider. In the course of professional cooperation, the data provided to the Service Provider by the Supplier shall not be modified and verified in any manner but presented as the Supplier wishes it. Therefore, the Service Provider shall bear no responsibility for their correctness, authenticity and accuracy in the context of their use by the User.
  7. The Service Provider’s role is limited to present the offer of the Supplier including financial institutions and other third parties present on the Website and the User hereby agrees to it.
  8. The Service Provider shall bear no responsibility for any events resulting from any actual, legal and formal relationships between the User and the Supplier including contacts, agreements, results of Supplier’s offer presentation and using its services. The Service Provider is not a party to the contacts between the User and the Supplier nor is it a party to any contacts and agreements as well as to further activities resulting therefrom.
  9. In light of the above, the Service Provider shall also bear no responsibility for any damage that may arise in connection with any agreements, meetings, arrangements or negotiations between the User and the Supplier; in particular the Service Provider is not an entity participating in any disputes as well as legal and actual procedures aimed at resolving such disputes between the User and the Supplier.

Final Provisions

  1. The User of the Website has the right to express his or her opinion about the manner in which the Services are rendered.
  2. If the User is not satisfied with the quality of the services rendered on the Website, the User may express his or her opinion through a special form available on the Website at the following address or use contact e-mail address and send a request; the request shall be valid only if obligatory contact data have been provided.
    The request shall be considered within 21 days of submission thereof; the Requesting Party is informed of the decision in the matter by means of a special return e-mail to the e-mail address indicated in the request.
    The Service Provider stresses that it is fully entitled to close the Website and to modify the Website to any extent and to dispose of its ownership title to the Website in part or in full as well as to pass any and all responsibilities arising from these Rules and Regulations onto a third party.
  3. The Website reserves the right to introduce any amendments to these Rules and Regulations and to the Privacy Policy available at the following address:
  4. If any provision of these rules and regulations and the Privacy Policy is deemed unjustified and void by any court in the course of acts at law involving the User/ the Supplier and the Service Provider, the remaining provisions hereof shall remain legal and binding with all related consequences.