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Privacy policy

Basic purposes of privacy policy

On the website the matter of safety is of utmost importance and in terms of User protection we aim to enforce any and all formal and technological principles of security as well as to ensure that the Data are kept confidential. This document contains the Privacy Policy and regulations relating to the use of Cookie Files; the document concerns the website and has been drawn up to explain the matter of protection of privacy and personal data of our website’s Users.

This document describes and organises the rules according to which the Service Provider (Website Administrator) performs any activities related to confidential data and personal data of the Website Users.

Any and all activities described hereinabove are performed by the Administrator in good faith and in accordance with the letter of the law.

Having regard to the letter of the law, we reserve that the Website Administrator has no influence on any administration policies of third parties that are not part of the Website but are related to it through links or other mechanisms linking web pages and that the Website Administrator bears no responsibility for any and all activities of the administrators of third-party websites.

The Website Administrator of shall also bear no responsibility for Cookies policy and its implementation by administrators of third-party websites.

In the case of any doubts related to the rules governing the use of web pages that are not a part of the Website, it is advisable to consult the administrators of those web pages and analyse the legal provisions contained on those web pages. If the web pages contain no such regulations, it is advisable to contact the administrators of third-party websites to obtain them.

We make every effort with regard to technological solutions (e.g. we carry out selection of the technological solutions in which a given advertisement was made etc., we use secure server methods) to protect privacy and reduce exposure of private data to harmful external influences to the minimum.

Part of the Website has been developed as an active advertising space, which means that particular web pages of the Website may display advertisements of entities working with the Website. Therefore, the Administrator reserves that:
it bears no responsibility for violation of letter of law by those entities and it has no influence on the privacy policy and rules of the use of Cookie Files pursued by those entities.

Personal data processing on the website

On the Website, the collection and use of user information are limited to the minimum required for the purpose of providing the Users with top-quality services. There are two basic classes of data on the Website: obligatory and non-obligatory. The obligatory data are all the data necessary for proper provision of electronically supplied services. The remaining data are non-obligatory; hence, the Website User may freely decide whether he or she wishes to provide such data.

Purposes of personal data processing on the website

By accepting the Rules and Regulations, the User expresses his or her consent to process his or her personal data by the Service Provider for the purpose of rendering services for and communicating with the User. The Service Provider contacts the User through the following communication channels:

  • electronic mail
  • social-media-based communication e.g.: Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn or Google+,
  • telephone calls and SMS

Furthermore, the User agrees that the Website and its Business Partners may send the User commercial information as well as information concerning a particular product group with the use of the communication channel selected by the User provided that he or she agrees to it. also collects information for statistics and marketing related purposes to optimize the quality of the electronically supplied services and establishes data bases relating to the Users in order to create behavioural profiles.

The Website also reserves the right to communicate with the user to ensure that the User abides by the Rules and Regulations and provisions of law.

At the same time, the Website reserves that it may collect and transfer personal data for the purposes specified in the Rules and Regulations and in the Privacy Policy of the Website. Transfer of personal data concerns Advisors and Partners of the Service Provider on condition that the User has agreed to that.

The User agrees that the Service Provider may obtain, collect and process information regarding agreements resulting from the fact that the Website participates in gathering information about a given product or in acquiring the product itself by the User.

The User’s personal data stored in the Website’s database are subject to the law on personal data protection. As a consequence,
the Website User is entitled to access and edit his or her personal data.
At the same time, the Website reserves that it bears no responsibility for the User’s personal data held by the entities to which those data have been transferred.

The Website collects all data related to the User’s activity on the Website, and the User agrees to that.
These data are used in behavioural profiling which defines the User’s preferences with regard to the products available on the Website and other elements demonstrating the User’s liking.
Thereby, the User agrees that personalised advertising and information content may be created according to his or her preferences.

Analytical tools

The Website uses numerous analytical tools to optimize the functioning of the Website and improve the quality of the communication between the Website and the Users.
The analytical tools optimize context information displayed, e.g. advertising content, by tracing traffic on web pages.
It should be noted that entities cooperating with the Website and third parties may use different tools, including their own, that analyse web traffic.