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Cookies policy

Definition and types of Cookie Files

The Website uses Cookie Files to improve the User’s experience with the Website. Cookie Files are small text files stored on the User’s device that improve security, efficiency and functionality of the Website.

It must be stressed that Cookie Files used by the Website are safe for the target Device from which the User communicates with the Website.
Those files protect and tailor the Website to a given User in terms of the following:

  • authentication within the Website,
  • allowing the User to use certain services on the Website,
  • gathering efficiency information, i.e. information regarding the manner in which the Website is used
  • identification of the User’s system and adjustment of display features of the Website depending on the software used
  • personalising User interface (web page layout)
  • maintenance of the previous state of tailored Website.
  • as well as for the purposes of advertising, i.e. providing the User with tailored advertising and information content.

The Cookie Files of the Website to which the User agrees may be also used by entities cooperating with the Website and by the Website's advertisers.

Please be advised that limiting the use of Cookie Files may affect the functionality of the Website.

The Cookie Files used on the Website do not introduce any changes to the physical target Device and they are stored in the Device only for informational purposes. Hence, Cookies are not harmful to the computer or its User and his or her data.

The User may at any time configure software (this applies to most of software used, i.e. browsers etc.) he or she uses while browsing the Website and adjusts the Cookie Files settings to his or her needs. By way of example, the User may switch off Cookies in the browser, bearing in mind the resulting limitations of the Website's functionalities. Settings of each browser allow the User to apply various strategies of using Cookie files including an option to switch off their automatic use.